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KING DIAMOND - Halloween

On Halloween they can't redeem, a restless soul from an ancient scene. Mercyful Fate t-shirts and buttons / King Diamond t-shirts

ACID - Halloween Queen

Speed metal from Belgium. Long out of print, their three classic albums were recently released on CD. Other merch.

SAMHAIN - Halloween

Total cult! Danzig post MISFITS pre DANZIG. Latin attack.

MAYHEM Rehearsal 1988 with Dead - Deathcrush

We've just restocked the red Deathcrush t-shirts. CD and Vinyl editions are still available. Cover design patches are also back in stock!
Another recent highlight is the newly published MAYHEM book: The Death Archives: Mayhem 1984-94 - Jorn Necrobutcher Stubberud, you can see a few photos and read an extract.

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Goatlord - Reflections of the Solstice

Cult sick Doom from Las Vegas! 1992 Joe Frankulin interview


Грай – О Земле Родной / Grai – O Zemle Rodnoi (Our Native Land)

New 2016 digipak reissue. Russian Pagan / Folk Metal.

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22 Years Ago: ENSLAVED release Frost

Released on this day in 1994, the classic debut full-length album by ENSLAVED! New vinyl edition now in stock! Released 2 May 2016, limited to 500 worldwide. Hotfoil blue stamping on 350g jacket, printed innersleeve.


The Death Archives: Mayhem 1984-94 - Jorn Necrobutcher Stubberud

There was a cassette tape in there so I removed it and threw the rest on the back of the pick-up truck. It all blew away on the way home. It was a crucified mouse, a letter and a cassette from Per Ohlin. He introduced himself and his band Morbid and proposed a visit to Norway. Metalion had told him that we were looking for a singer. The tape was Morbid’s December Moon demo. Full article

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Lifelover - Pulver

10 Years Ago: LIFELOVER release Pulver. Full article

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Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse

23 Years Ago: EMPEROR record In the Nightside Eclipse at Grieghallen. Full article

Crawl, Blighted and Afraid


Scorn and Death


Terrible Cemetery



GRAVE MIASMA Endless Pilgrimage (CD & Vinyl)

The new record Endless Pilgrimage includes a re-worked version of Glorification of the Impure from Ancient Barbaric Assault times UGHHH! "Back to the halcyon days of a previous epoch".

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Instinct - The Black Wound

One thing we do know, INSTINCT is nature worship. Blood and bone. The music radiates mystery without pretension, and I think it's safe to recommend listening is isolation. Whether that's sheltered or surrounded by vast empty landscapes, there you will find some truth.

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24 Years Ago: Fantoft Stavkyrkje Burns (Norwegian Church Arson 1992)

The first ancient monument to fall at the hands of Norway’s black metal underground was the 12th Century Stave Church in Fana, Bergen. Full article

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25 Years Ago: MORBID ANGEL release Blessed are the Sick

It represents two years and we've grown a lot. We've learned a lot about songwriting, what works and what doesn't and how it all comes together in the studio. I'm real happy with it, it's a nice solid package that represented the band at the time. It's what it is, it's sick. Full article


SIGRBLOT - Back in Stock

It is not our purpose to preach or pass sentence, in death your afterlife is how you are remembered among the living. Original Foundation text and 2004 interview

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HADES in June: Recording at Grieghallen 1993-1996 (and a hunt for the Chaucer poem)

The Dawn... album sleeve notes credit the title and lyrics for Alone Walkyng to "Richard Chaucer in 1572". I think they're referring to Geoffrey Chaucer who served King Richard II, even though that Chaucer died in 1400. The "Alone Walkyng" poem was historically attributed to Geoffrey Chaucer but that claim has been dismissed by later academics, noting the author name had been "added by later hand" (see below). The poem is usually known simply as "Ballad", "Virelai" (referring to the medieval French verse form it uses) or "Lover's Lament". Full article

Crawl, Sonnets to Orpheus


Lamentations of a Miserable Bastard


Upon the Ashes of the Betrayer


Septagonal Hilltemple

Deverills Nexion

Nature Mystic


The Dark Bleeding Gods


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HOLY MOSES Finished With the Dogs T-Shirts


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En flicka ung och fager... WOODS OF INFINITY collage of Swedish Folk and Popular Music of the 60s, 70s and 80s

On their last album, Forlat, WOODS OF INFINITY included a 27 minute collage of Swedish songs with one lyrical theme: Flicka (Girl). Folk songs, popular music, and comedy songs of the late 1960's - 80's. Full article

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FAC251 T-Shirts: Factory Records, Joy Division, New Order

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23 Years Ago: DARKTHRONE release Under a Funeral Moon

Full article

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20 Years Ago: BATHORY releases Blood on Ice

Re-recorded/re-worked at Hellhole Studio in June-July 1995 Blood on Ice was finally released on the 27th May, 1996. Original recording sessions were between February-October 1988 and later in June 1989. In August of '89 Quorthon began recording Hammerheart.

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20 Years Ago: IMPALED NAZARENE release their classic Latex Cult

Certainly there's some humour on our first three CDs, but on Latex Cult there's none. We were pissed off when we wrote it, and I think it shows. Lots of shit went down two months before we entered the studio, and it fucking shows.

Born to Lose Live to Win


Gimme Some Motorhead


Red Logo and Snaggletooth


Poussiere d'Etoiles (Live)

Nuit Noire

Walking Through the Darkness

Nuit Noire

Inner Light

Nuit Noire

At War with Satan


Fight till Death


The Return of Darkness and Evil